Answering Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

Answering Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

It’s common for most homeowners to not think about their roofs often until an issue arises. This means when it comes time to replace or install a new roof, there can be an overwhelming number of questions for a homeowner. 

Our Built Strong Exteriors team is here to help educate you on your roof with answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 

Can I replace my roof myself?

It’s common for customers to look for ways to save money on an already expensive investment, which leads people to consider DIYing their new roof. However, when it comes to the roof over your home, there are several reasons to stick with general contractors and professional roofers for this task. Professional roofers have the proper warranties and legal licensing to ensure that your roof is installed properly. 

How do I know my roof needs to be replaced?

Check for visible signs of damage to your roof like curling shingles, buckling, missing shingles, holes, plant growth, and more. Age and recent damaging storms can lead to visible roof damage. Still unsure? You can always ask a local professional roofer for a proper and thorough roof inspection. 

Do my old shingles need to be removed first?

In order to avoid future costly damage, it’s always best to remove old shingles before installing new shingles. 

How long will it take to replace a roof?

Each roof is different and the duration of the project can widely vary. The time to replace a roof depends on the weather, size of the roof, access to the roof, damage, the complexity of installation, and other factors. On average, a roof can typically be replaced in one day. 

Will insurance cover my roof replacement? 

Elements such as wind, hail, snow, and fire have the power to severely damage your home, which is why having and utilizing home insurance is critical. Understanding and meeting the requirements to prove your roof damage can be daunting, overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating. Read our recent blog post to answer your insurance roof replacement questions. 

Built Strong Exteriors is licensed and trained in roofing contracting services and inspections on residential, commercial, and multi-family properties. Do you need help on your next roofing project? Are you unsure if you need a new roof? There is no question too big or too small for our team! Contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection.