Top 5 Rental Property Exterior Updates

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Top 5 Rental Property Exterior Updates

Looking for a way to upgrade your rental property and attract new residents? We have compiled a list of our 5 favorite updates for the exterior of your property to enhance curb appeal and functionality that your current and new tenants will be sure to love. Don’t forget the increase in property value that you create when you incorporate these aesthetic upgrades!

  1. Renovate the Front of Your Property

The first and perhaps most obvious way to elevate your curb appeal is to renovate the front of your property. We all know how important first impressions are, and your rental property is no exception when you are looking to attract interest. Give the facade a fresh paint job and even upgrade your masonry with a fresh coat. White brick looks incredible against a dark paint tone and will instantly give your property a modern vibe. 


  1. Change up the Landscape

Landscaping is so important to the exterior of a home, and you can get creative with it in so many ways. Lush lawns and hanging plants are great ways to add personality to a property and give it a pop of color. Another option is to rid yourself of the greenery and consider decomposed granite. This trend is starting to catch on across the country due to its functionality; you don’t need to water it and it helps to keep dust and dirt at bay. This option won’t break the bank either and is totally DIY-able!


  1. Rethink Your Roof

Roofing is such an important exterior component of your home and one of the most susceptible to damage from the elements. Minnesota and Wisconsin are no strangers to hail damage this year and you don’t want to wait on any potential repairs. Consider requesting a no-cost, no-obligation inspection to ensure your roof is doing its duty and protecting your property.


  1. Enhance Energy Efficiency with New Windows

Save yourself and your renters money by incorporating energy-efficient features such as new windows Older, poor-quality windows mean higher utility bills for your tenants. If you feel a draft, notice a water leak, or have difficulty opening or closing the windows, it is best to get them replaced. 


  1. Solar Power

Another excellent way to save on utility costs is by installing solar panels. This is a great investment if your property receives ample sunlight. Not only can you save money on utilities, but you can also receive tax breaks as well. Installing solar panels adds to your property value and is great for the environment. Not to mention, installation can be done in just one day! If this interests you, don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation quote. Solar Panels | Clean Energy | Built Strong Exteriors 


There are many ways to update your rental property. You should assess your and your tenant’s needs and create a list that is most important to you! Many things can be done by yourself, and some things require a professional helping hand. Built Strong Exteriors are here to help with free quotes and inspections whenever you may need. Request a Free Inspection | Built Strong Exteriors