Christmas Light Installation Tips and Hacks

Christmas Light Hanging

Now that the Thanksgiving feast has had time to digest, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. The joy and cheer that Christmas lights bring – can also, unfortunately, bring out the Scrooge in any homeowner not looking to damage the exterior of their home in the festive process.

Hanging Christmas lights can be time-consuming and exterior damaging – follow these tips to help you safely and efficiently hang Christmas lights, all while protecting your home.

First and foremost – always stay safe while hanging Christmas lights.

  •          Use proper outlets (Always use a GFCI outlet)
  •          Invest in a sturdy ladder
  •          Never hang lights on a tree that touches power lines
  •          Never use indoor Christmas lights outdoors
  •          Always use waterproof or water-resistant lights
  •          Use outdoor-rated extension cords
  •          Avoid placing extension cords in high traffic areas
  •          Tape all extensions cords down so they aren’t a tripping hazard
  •          Keep all extensions cords above the ground, water, and snow
  •          Turn lights off whenever you leave home or go to bed  


Work smarter – not harder, with these light hanging shortcuts:

Before even hanging your lights, plug them in and make sure all bulbs work properly. This will save you from a massive headache if you hang your lights and they don’t light properly! Other time and exterior saving Christmas light hacks include:

  • Net lighting: A mesh of lights that can be draped over shrubs or fences
  • Animated lighting: Animated lights made from wireframes to outline different shapes and create fun holiday scenes can easily be placed in the yard
  • Shimmer spheres: Sphere lights that can hang from trees that look like snowballs or stars!


Popular and noticeable spots to display lights:

  •          Around pillars, posts, and deck railings
  •          Around windows and doorframes
  •          Framing garage doors
  •          Along rooflines
  •          On top of bushes, hedges, and shrubs
  •          Around tree trunks
  •          Lining driveways and sidewalks
  •          Inside window boxes and planters


Bonus Christmas Light Tips:

  • Hang lights while the weather is still mild outside (it’s no fun decorating in the winter cold!)
  • Before hanging lights, check your gutter thickness and shingle flexibility to ensure a solid foundation for heavy decorations
  • Use shorter light strands! If lights burn out, it is much easier to replace a small section of lights rather than a long strand of lights
  • Use plastic hooks! All-purpose plastic hooks and clips are an affordable and non-damaging way to hang decorations
  • Never use staples or nails! They can wear away at insulation, and even create an electrical hazard
  • Set a timer! Once the lights are hung – your job is over! Using a timer to turn lights off and on is an easy way to let your lights do all the work for you


Nothing screams “Happy Holidays” quite like a home glowing at night with Christmas lights! Hopefully, these tips have you feeling holly jolly about Christmas lights this season. Make sure once the work is done to take a step back and take in the view with a cup of hot cocoa in hand – you’ve earned it!