DIY Roofing and Siding – Here’s Why You Should Leave it to the Pros

DIY Roofing and Siding – Here’s Why You Should Leave it to the Pros

DIY home projects are all the rage. They’re a fun and usually affordable way for homeowners to participate in the building and curation of their home. It gives them a chance to express their creativity, repurpose old materials, and be really hands-on throughout the home-building process.


While DIY is sometimes a great route to take, there are too many risks when it comes to DIY siding and roofing so it’s best to find a contractor in your area to complete those projects the right way. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your roof or siding:

  1. Saving Money is a Myth

It’s true that many DIY projects can save you money but not necessarily when it comes to your roofing and siding. First of all, there are tons of tools that go into installing or replacing siding and a roof. Once you factor in the tools needed, cost of materials, and the time that it takes to learn and complete the project, you will likely have spent more money than you would have if you went with a pro.

  1. You Risk Losing Your Warranty

When you purchase the materials needed for a roof and siding, they usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, the warranty is usually contingent on the fact that the materials will be properly installed by a professional contractor. If something goes awry with your building materials later on down the line, you are risking spending more money to purchase new materials instead of having them replaced by the manufacturer.

  1. You Might Not Know How to Fix New Problems

It’s not uncommon to find underlying issues in your home when you rip off the old roof or siding. Although it’s a pain to have to fix unexpected issues, a professional contractor will know exactly what to do so that your project is done the right way. This will prevent you from having to redo or repair your roof/siding sooner than what should be necessary.

  1. You Risk Your Safety

Professional contractors have tried and true methods of keeping themselves and their team safe. They have the necessary equipment and lots more experience than you, so they have a much lower risk of hurting themselves with building materials or slipping and falling. Siding and roofing might look easy, but that’s only because pros have years of practice.

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